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Why Great Realtors Play Pokémon Go

Great realtors play Pokémon Go. Not to say that every great realtor has stumbled upon this incredible tool for gathering useful data, but a a select few of us have found a great way to quickly get to know a neighborhood. This level 34 trainer knows.

For those that are unfamiliar, Pokémon Go is a game that uses gps navigation to create a world within our world, so to speak. So the user is able to “catch” Pokémon characters within their immediate navigational environment. Furthermore, points of interest are shown on the map as either Pokestops or as Gyms These points of interest can include chruches, parks, art work, attractions, and historical monuments. And even companies like Sprint and Starbucks have caught on and made their stores appear as Pokestops as well.

This very entertaining and free to download game can provide critical data for a realtor! Sure, knowing where a local Starbucks can be handy, but this data can also be used to quickly educate yourself of your local surroundings. In turn you are able to provide more knowledge and value pass to your clients. Furhermore, these points of interest are all things that add value to a property. I find that it always benefits a client’s listing when you design the public driving directions so that the prospective buyer will experience the most pleasant perspective when arriving to the property. Having them passing Pokestops on the way will make that happen.

This story on NBC from 2017 touts that Realtors were already using the game for listings just a week after it came out:


Will playing Pokémon Go make you a better realtor? Likely not as realtors tend to have enough distractions with trying to drive around the universe while using gps, emails, texts, Spotify, and phone calls. But a seasoned and resourceful realtor thinks outside of the box and finds creative ways to put themselves above the rest.

Jonathan Purgason
Skyline Realty