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Now is the time to sell your home!

The influx of people to the DFW area has caused an increased demand for housing. While construction crews struggle to keep up with the demand for new homes, the demand for your home has people fighting to put in the highest bid. HomesUSA.com reports that the time homes spent on the market in DFW have dropped at an alarming rate. In many cases buyers are offering tens of thousands of dollars above list price in this heated Texas housing market. While the new home construction struggles to meet the demand, many are capitalizing on this great opportunity to sell. If you have been considering selling your home now is the perfect opportunity to quickly sell your home and receive the top dollar. Contact our office for any questions you have on the home selling process. We will do an in debt market analysis and strive to beat the neighborhood record.

Similarly, as prices continue to rise the best time to buy a house is NOW! Prices will only continue to rise on homes, the best opportunity to get a deal is to get it sooner rather than later. DFW is quickly becoming the hottest metroplex in the nation. Job opportunities are booming in North Texas. Secure your opportunity to get in on the Texas buzz by contacting our office where one of our knowledgeable and experienced agents can assist you.